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8 Positive Effects of Massage

  • Relaxation / Calm / Wellbeing
  • Mobility
  • Promotes The Immune System
  • Improved Sleep
  • Postural Changes
  • Injury Prevention
  • Pain Relief (physical and emotional)
  • Muscle Pliability

What type of massage is for me? 

Of course there is still good reason to have a massage if you don't feel you have a 'complaint', as such. Prevention is better than cure, and a regular massage is a fabulous investment in your own wellbeing.

Any type of massage will help reduce anxiety levels, promote mobility and sleep.

Hot stones, Slavic and Swedish are particularly recommended for deep relaxation.

If you have recent injury or problems resulting from a longstanding issue, remedial/sports would be the recommendation. However, everyone is different and what is one persons preference will not be another's', so some experimentation is the key.



Relieve the body's general aches and pains, whilst improving mobility. Feel stress and anxieties melt away. Treatments are tailored to the individual. Foot and facial massage can also be included. more >>


A mixture of Swedish and remedial techniques to relieve overused or strained muscles. Help improve healing time and muscle tone. Can prevent injury/reinjury. Take away advice given to help rehabilitation. Hourly and half hourly appts available. more >>


The use of warm oil enhances this deep, rhythmic, hypnotic massage for the whole body. Extremely therapeutic and relaxing. more >>


Tailored to the woman and the stage of pregnancy. Advice on antenatal/postnatal exercise to aid birth and recovery available. Sessions with partners to encourage involvement and the continuation of massage techniques at home. Great for both mother and baby. more >>


A profound comfort and relaxation is derived from this massage, from flowing techniques and placing of warm stones over the whole body. 1.5 hours. more >>


A versatile treatment that can be done seated. Deeply relaxing. Techniques can be applied at the end of a full body treatment or have a full session on the head and shoulders only. more >>